Vulnerability Details : CVE-2022-1759

CVE Name: CVE-2022-1759: Other vulnerability on Rb Internal Links Project Rb Internal Links
Description: The RB Internal Links WordPress plugin through 2.0.16 does not have CSRF check in place when updating its settings, which could allow attackers to make a logged in admin change them via a CSRF attack, as well as perform Stored Cross-Site Scripting attacks due to the lack of sanitisation and escaping
Publish date: 2022-06-13T13:15Z
Last Update: 2022-06-22T19:46Z

CVSS Scores & Vulnerability Types

CVSS Score
Confidentiality ImpactLOW
Integrity ImpactLOW
Availability ImpactNONE
Actack VectorNETWORK
Actack ComplexityLOW
Privileges RequiredLOW
User InteractionREQUIRED
Vulnerability Type(s)Other

Products Affected By CVE-2022-1759

# Vendor Product Vulnerable Versions
1 Rb Internal Links Project Rb Internal Links 1

Detail of Verions Affected

# Product Type Vendor Product Version
1 Application Rb Internal Links Project Rb Internal Links * Wordpress

References For CVE-2022-1759

Hyperlink Resource Exploit, Third Party Advisory