Vulnerability Details : CVE-2021-1126

CVE Name: CVE-2021-1126: Other vulnerability on Cisco Firepower Management Center
Description: A vulnerability in the storage of proxy server credentials of Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC) could allow an authenticated, local attacker to view credentials for a configured proxy server. The vulnerability is due to clear-text storage and weak permissions of related configuration files. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by accessing the CLI of the affected software and viewing the contents of the affected files. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to view the credentials that are used to access the proxy server.
Publish date: 2021-01-13T22:15Z
Last Update: 2022-08-05T19:28Z

CVSS Scores & Vulnerability Types

CVSS Score
Confidentiality ImpactHIGH
Integrity ImpactNONE
Availability ImpactNONE
Actack VectorLOCAL
Actack ComplexityLOW
Privileges RequiredLOW
User InteractionNONE
Vulnerability Type(s)Other

Products Affected By CVE-2021-1126

# Vendor Product Vulnerable Versions
1 Cisco Firepower Management Center 1

Detail of Verions Affected

# Product Type Vendor Product Version
1 Application Cisco Firepower Management Center *