Vulnerability Details : CVE-2020-13871

CVE Name: CVE-2020-13871: Other vulnerability on Sqlite Sqlite, Fedoraproject Fedora, Debian Debian Linux, Oracle Hyperion Infrastructure Technology, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, Oracle Communications Network Charging And Control, Oracle Zfs Storage Appliance Kit, Oracle Communications Messaging Server, Oracle Mysql Workbench, Siemens Sinec Infrastructure Network Services, Netapp Cloud Backup, Netapp Ontap Select Deploy Administration Utility
Description: SQLite 3.32.2 has a use-after-free in resetAccumulator in select.c because the parse tree rewrite for window functions is too late.
Publish date: 2020-06-06T16:15Z
Last Update: 2022-05-13T20:57Z

CVSS Scores & Vulnerability Types

CVSS Score
Confidentiality ImpactNONE
Integrity ImpactNONE
Availability ImpactHIGH
Actack VectorNETWORK
Actack ComplexityLOW
Privileges RequiredNONE
User InteractionNONE
Vulnerability Type(s)Other