Vulnerability Details : CVE-2010-0743

CVE Name: CVE-2010-0743: Dos vulnerability on Zaal Tgt, Iscsitarget Iscsitarget
Description: Multiple format string vulnerabilities in isns.c in (1) Linux SCSI target framework (aka tgt or scsi-target-utils) 1.0.3, 0.9.5, and earlier and (2) iSCSI Enterprise Target (aka iscsitarget) 0.4.16 allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (tgtd daemon crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via vectors that involve the isns_attr_query and qry_rsp_handle functions, and are related to (a) client appearance and (b) client disappearance messages.
Publish date: 2010-04-08T17:30Z
Last Update: 2017-09-19T01:30Z

CVSS Scores & Vulnerability Types

CVSS Score
Confidentiality ImpactNONE
Integrity ImpactNONE
Availability ImpactPARTIAL
Actack VectorNETWORK
Actack ComplexityLOW
Privileges RequiredNONE
User InteractionNONE
ScopeNo info
Vulnerability Type(s)Dos

Products Affected By CVE-2010-0743

# Vendor Product Vulnerable Versions
1 Zaal Tgt 2
2 Iscsitarget Iscsitarget 1

Detail of Verions Affected

# Product Type Vendor Product Version
1 Application Zaal Tgt 1.0.3
2 Application Zaal Tgt *
3 Application Iscsitarget Iscsitarget 0.4.16